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  • Stay with us at Las Palmeras Hotel (formerly Triperia No. 1)

Las Palmeras del Califa is an annexe of  Vejer’s No.1 hotel - Hotel La Casa del Califa - and most of the Califa services are shared including the hotel Reception and Breakfast area. Located just half a minutes walk from the Califa itself Las Palmeras is classified as a ‘Casa Rural’ (Guest House) but is managed just like a hotel. Much of the building overlooks the Jardín del Califa and it gets its name from the view overlooking the Califa palms. 

Las Palmeras is located right next to what would have been the principal entrance to Vejer in the medieval era and it has an important aspect overlooking the valley. The house possibly belonged to a merchant with stabling in the courtyard (now under the pool area) and direct access to the Plaza (the main market of the Medina) making it a property of some distinction in its time. Small rooms and a labyrinthine layout indicate that the house dates from some time between the 12th. and 15th. century. Today the brick built Moorish arches and the distinctive double mouthed cistern (14m. deep) are the principal remnants left of this time.

The rooms are spread out over 3 floors with the swimming pool and terrace on the bottom floor. Extensive views across town and country can be seen from here. All rooms are air conditioned, have hair dryers, TV, tea and coffee making facilities and all the services of the Califa.

Vejer de la Frontera

A whitewashed town

Formed part of a great Islamic empire that stretched from Damascus to Granada between the 8th. and 15th.C. Vejer formed a strategic part in the Moors defence of their new homeland and today is probably the best preserved of the Arab towns in the south of Spain. Almost 500 years of Islamic domination left an indelible mark on the culture, architecture and landscape of the town and region. Vejer was declared a town of National Historic & Artistic importance in 1978. From many parts of Vejer the lights of the Bay of Tangiers can be seen at night and the rocky buttress of Djebl Moussa (one half of the mythical 'Pillars of Hercules') is a common sight from the town ramparts.

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