Chef's suggestions at the Califa

  • Something different this winter

Every two weeks Khadi's favourite chef's suggestions at the Jardín del Califa

From October to March here at the Jardín del Califa we offer a range of Chef's specialties as chosen and prepared by Khadija Essaadi our restaurant manager and executive Chef. Every two weeks the suggestions menu changes with five new different dishes on the menu including one of our extra special desserts. We love to offer some classics (last year the 'Lamb and Chestnut Tagine' was so popular it's back on the menu) and sometimes something a little different. If you are a vegetarian then we always have something special to offer such as the 'Cous cous of Fennel sautéed with Tomato and Sumac' or the 'Chestnut and winter vegetable tagine' . The lunch hours are quiet during the week in winter - just drop in. For weekends and dinner it is better to book in advance - we are always busy! Tlf: 956 45 17 06.

Khadija Essaadi, Jefa de cocina del Jardín del Califa probando platos...

Khadi's suggestions this winter

  • Dec 18 - January 01

Monkfish and prawn soup € 6.20
Ataif of Tuna - a light moroccan style 'warka' crêpe filled with tuna, onions, capers and feta € 11.00
Barbecued partridge with spicy sautéed vegetables € 14.50
Cous Cous of squid stuffed with spinach € 17.00
Clementine and almond cake with chocolate icing € 6.20


  • January 2-15

White bean soup with merghuez sausages € 6.00
Crispy fish Breuat parcels € 7.50
Chestnut Tagine € 15.50
'M'Hencha' spiral puff pastry stuffed with white fish, squid and prawns in its sauce - € 17.00
Kunafa shredded pastry with honey and cheese € 6.00


  • January 16-31

Bean stew with clams in the style of Khadija € 7.50
Spicy Kibbe stuffed with barbecued lamb with yoghurt sauce € 7.50 3ud. / € 14.00 6ud.
Sirloin of Retinto beef on the barbecue in a sauce of PX and raisins - 18,00 €
Fennel cous cous sautéed with tomato and sumac € 14.50
Almond & Lemon drizzle cake € 6.00


  • February 1-15

Zulema salad with avocado, apple,  prawns served with a date sauce € 8.00
Vol au vents with fish and prawns 7,50 €
Roast chicken with clementines and Arak 15,50 €
Tagine of lamb with artichokes and 'cardillo' (wild thistle) € 16.00
'Umm Ali' with vanilla ice cream. An egyptian favourite. € 6.00


  • February 16-28

Mezze del souk - a variety of seasonal vegetables and spicy rice salad € 7.20
Vine leaves stuffed with lamb and basmati rice € 7.50
Lamb tagine with chestnuts and raisins € 16.50
Skewers of fish (Corvina) with a touch of mint and shrimp sauce served with rice € 15.50
Pears poached with ginger served with vanilla ice cream € 5.00


  • March 1-15

Beetroot and greek yogurt served with a Damascan lemon marmalade  € 6.50
Mussels in tomato with a touch of spices € 8.50
An ancient Sephardic recipe of Oxtail with plums and leeks € 16.00
Fresh bream on the barbecue with fresh spinach and pine nuts € 18.50
Almond and pistachio cake served with mascarpone cream rose water € 6.00