Corredera 55 - 'Fresh, Vibrant, Healthy'

The Califa Group restaurant goes from strength to strength as spring turns to summer and our Corredera 55 updated menu is now in place. People are loving the new flavours and our premise of 'Fresh, vibrant, healthy home cooking from the Mediterranean'...​

Extract form the Olive Press - July 2015

'"With a regular influx of talented restaurateurs and chefs it is no surprise that Vejer has become one of Andalucia’s culinary capitals, writes Dining Secrets of Andalucia editor Jon Clarke 

IT is perhaps no surprise to find someone of the calibre of Ellie Cormie in Vejer de la Frontera. The former owner of five restaurants in Scotland - one with a Michelin star - fits like a glove in the charming white town, whose food culture is one of the richest in Andalucia. Taking the helm of the stunning new restaurant Corredera 55, she has brought her own unique sprinkling of magic to the bustling, competitive local restaurant scene. Alongside owner James Stuart, who owns a number of hotels and restaurants in the town, they have turned this amazing lookout diner into a genuine must-visit for foodies.  

With a fabulous, good value menu, heavy on vegetables and fish, 55 will inevitably succeed. Add in an adventurous wine list and the drive and panache of Ellie and you have a winner. Vejer is just the sort of place to find this sort of fine dining.

Like a slow-cooked pork belly, the town has gently fused its ingredients to carve itself into the definitive food capital of Cadiz and perhaps only rivalled by Marbella and Malaga in Andalucia. Visitors now flock here from around the country and it is incredible how many good places there are to eat in this gem of a white town.

“We set the bar high,” explains 55 boss Stuart, who also owns award-winning eaterie El Jardin del Califa. “There is plenty of competition between restaurants and all of us keep taking the level higher in order to get ahead.” 

Vejer is always busy in the summer especially in the evenings as diners from Conil, Chiclana, Zahara and all the coastal holiday areas converge on Vejer for it's fanatastic choice of restaurants and bars. We are very proud that our latest restaurant is gaining fame and momentum as the summer moves on. We have had queues recently waiting for tables. 

Top selling dishes at the moment are ‘Oven baked sardines with cherry tomatoes, lemon, black olives & sumac’‘Turlu turlu - So good they named it twice’* - a pisto of aubergines, courgettes, red & green pepper with chickpeas in a cumin and cilantro sauce’ and amongst the salads the ‘Oven baked sweet potato salad with smoky aubergine and caramelised nuts’ is the favourite. For main dishes the ‘Beetroot risotto with fresh goats cheese & pine nuts’ is extremely popular (and colourful!). Being so near the coast we have lined up some flavoursome specials of which the 'Fresh local sea fish prepared in the oven with tomatoes, potatoes and fennel' and 'Ellie’s seduction - mussels, baby clams and prawns in an anís and tomato sauce' are the most popular.


Terrace eating is the preferred choice of course but with our complete renovation of the old 'Arriate' (we threw out the kitchen, knocked out a couple of walls, brought the classic Andalucian courtyard in to the building) we now have seating for 34 inside, half in our informal salon with views of the 'patio' and half in our main dining bar area. Our kitchen stars are Oliva Valdés (12 years at El Jardín del Califa) and Sandra Melero , two bright and vibrant professionals keen on bringing all our guests a great dining experience.

* With thanks to ‘Moro’ cookbook for the inspiration.