c/.Corredera 55
Vejer de la Frontera
Cádiz 11150
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12.00 - 23.00
Open every day
Open all year

Corredera 55

  • Fresh, vibrant, healthy home cooking from the Mediterranean

Set in one of Vejer’s top locations at the entrance to the old town, Corredera 55 offers fresh, healthy cooking with views, ambience and the assured quality of the Califa restaurants. Open every day from 12.00 to 23.00.

Food & Wine

Corredera 55 is the ideal place to savour traditional local food and fresh Mediterranean delights. The menu enjoys vibrant and exciting dishes using seasonal produce sourced locally.

Our wine list is hand selected to include our favourite local wines and also a fine selection of Organic wines from southern Spain.

Corredera 55 takes the Califa commitment to sustainability and quality cuisine seriously. Our vegetables are 95% locally sourced (from the Cadiz province) and almost 50% organic (dependent on the season). Our pastry chef (from the Jardín del Califa) uses only organic certified sugar and flours from the Málaga Sierras. Taste the difference for yourself with our farm to table ingredients!

Corredera 55 is open throughout the year. Enjoy our pergola with its panoramic views or take advantage of our two dining rooms with an interesting collection of images of Vejer. 

Join us for a beer, a glass of chilled manzanilla, coffee and home made cake, or a meal with friends and family. Conveniently open all day.

A bit more info...

Corredera 55 is owned and managed by the team from the Jardín del Califa and Califa Tapas, two of Vejer’s most popular eateries. The menu was conceived by Ellie Cormié and the wine list has been thoroughly tested by Ramón Fennoll of El Jardín del Califa. 

Director and Executive Chef - Ellie Cormié, Head chef - Oliva Valdes, Manager - Eelco Eden.

The restaurant opened in April 2015 with interior design by James Stuart and loving details and woodwork by Pete Luton of Retro Nuevo (Vejer).