"Life without cake is possible but pointless"

Sheila Dewars recipes are the foundation for all the great desserts at Corredera 55. One of Ellie's grandmother's favourite sayings was - "I eat cake every day because somewhere it's somebody's birthday".
Sheila Dewar was a wise (and happy) lady.

Chocolate sundae with brownie, cookies, chocolate & vanilla sauce topped with whipped cream and caramel walnuts

8,50 €

Enough on it’s own!

Banoffee crumble... banana, caramel, mascarpone and cookies

6,50 €

Try this with a heavenly Oloroso from Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia (3€) 

Lemon cheesecake pots with toasted meringue and almonds

7,20 €

Enjoy with an Amontillado sherry from Bodgega Gutierrez Colosia (3€)

White chocolate brownie with fruits of the forest, mint cream and jellies

7,50 €

Savour this with a chupito of Dewars White Label whisky (3€)

Angelina's french tart filled with crême anglais and glazed strawberrys

5,90 €

Enjoy with a Cava from Perelada Reserva  (3€)

Ellie's Tiramisu 'andaluz' with mascarpone, amontillado, coffee liquer, sponge cake and goodies

6,90 €

Enjoy with a Cava from Perelada Reserva  (3€)

Chocolate croquetas with roasted almonds (4pcs./ 8pcs.)

5,50 € / 9,90 €

Tastes fabulous with a ‘carajillo’ brandy coffee (1,80€)

A platter of local cheese from Bolonia made with rosemary and oloroso served with our own sherry orange marmalade

9,90 €

Tastes fabulous with an Oloroso 1907 from Vejer’s Bodega Gallardo