A new menu to serve all tastes at Corredera 55

Whether meat or fish lovers, vegetarians or vegans, the autumn-winter menu at Corredera 55, part of the Califa Group in Vejer, has dishes to suit all tastes and budgets.

The restaurant, recently awarded with the Repsol Solete, is located just at the beginning of Corredera street in Vejer and has a beautiful pergola with panoramic views. It is the only restaurant, except El Jardín del Califa, open every day, all day long. This cosy space will accompany diners in their favourite and most special moments, such as an afternoon reading with some wine, a family lunch, a romantic dinner or a get-together with friends.  

Restaurant’s pergola

To whet your appetite, the menu includes “A platter of local cheese from Bolonia made with rosemary and oloroso served with our own orange marmalade made in the restaurant with local oranges”, explains Ellie Cormié, owner of the restaurant. Perfect with a glass of oloroso wine from Bodegas Gallardo in Vejer. 

New menu includes other dishes like the baked whole cheese with garlic and rosemary with homemade pear chutney, ham and toast for dipping. The garnish was invented by James Stuart, CEO of the Califa Group. A perfect option to warm you up.

Baked whole cheese.

Another popular dish is our local version of Scottish haggis with local black pudding, caramelised onions, mashed potatoes and whisky cream… Ellie’s grandmother’s recipe.


Need instant comfort? Corredera 55 has the best winter soups for warming the body and soul.

Chicken soup with noodles, lemon, ginger and turmeric

Clients will find popular dishes featured across the new Autumn/Winter menu such as the ‘croquetas’ of retinto beef with whisky cream sauce. “I invented these croquettes during the Toro Embolao festivities in 2019, just for the weekend, and they were so popular that we kept them on the menu three years later”.

‘Croquetas’ of retinto beef with whisky cream sauce

From the garden the menu add different vegetarian and vegan options, as well as recipes “ideal for detoxifying the body”. Suggestive proposals such as Ellie’s ‘cassoulet’ with vegetable meatballs, beans, red, green and yellow peppers, red onion and herbed potatoes in an aromatic tomato sauce. 

Other dishes are the crêpes of spinach and beetroot filled with mint pea puree, cream cheese, pumpkin and sweet potato with a garden salad.

Flavorful and light are the winter salads like the salmon salad baked in mustard with a warm ginger vinaigrette and herbed potatoes.

Salmon salad.

From the sea, the menu includes one of the favourite dishes in winter, the fried fish platter with rocket and ali-oli, “perfect to enjoy with a beer”. And not to be missed are the guiso del Mar – a seafood stew of hake, mussels, prawns, potatoes and tomato sauce with saffron and garlic

Guiso del mar.

Meat lovers will find new dishes like the oloroso marinated pork cheeks braised for 4 hours with apricots, prunes & almonds.

View the menu.

Autumn/Winter desserts recipes

One of Ellie’s grandmother’s favourite sayings was – “I eat cake every day because somewhere it’s somebody’s birthday”.

The menu featured new recipes such as the beetroot cake with vanilla icing, rose petals and crushed pistachio.

Beetroot cake.

The year-round favourites follow, such as Ellie’s Tiramisu ‘andaluz’ with mascarpone, amontillado, coffee liquer, sponge cake and goodies

One of the tastiest sweet delights is the sticky toffee pudding with date marmalade and vanilla cream.

Sticky toffee pudding.

The autumn-winter menu, which starts in the middle of Sherry Week, pays tribute to the wines of Jerez with recipes made with these wines and a pairing suggestion in the dessert section, at a special price.

View the dessert menu.

Sustainable cooking and a commitment to local produce

Corredera 55 keep cooking from our roots and local produce, supporting the local economy and buying from local suppliers. 

In the restaurant run by the Scottish Ellie Cormié, every detail is taken care of. From the presentation of the dishes, to the familiar treatment of the staff, the interior design and the music. A multi-sensory experience

Also, if you prefer to enjoy the new menu at home, the restaurant has a fantastic take away service.

Reservations may be made by phone at 956 451 848.

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