Califa Tapas is reopening today!

Califa Tapas Vejer de la Frontera

Califa Tapas is Vejer’s favourite tapas bar. Our informal tapas restaurant captures the essence of relaxed and informal dining with good food and great views from our panoramic terrace.

Califa Tapas opens every day from 12:30 to 23:30. Come try some new delicious features like mango gazpacho!

Califa Tapas Vejer de la Frontera

The décor is the work of interior designer Ellie Cormié.

Cabecera Califa Tapas

At Califa Tapas we serve a wide range of tapas recipes not just from Vejer and Andalucia recipes but from all over Spain and extending in to Italy, Turkey and the Middle East. If you love the food at the Jardín del Califa then some of our favourite dishes are on the menu at Califa Tapas including our wonderful crispy Pastela, Mezze, Malfouk and of course our Lamb kebabs and Shish Taouk (spicy chicken kebabs).

Califa Tapas Vejer de la Frontera

What makes a great Tapa?

No more than four to five ingredients, first class locally sourced produce, imagination and a great deal of love and care from Susana and Paqui. Our cooks take great pride in their skills and additionally prepare a variety of rotating dishes and desserts each week to make sure every time you visit you will be rewarded with some new and exciting flavours.

Califa Tapas incorporates mostly outdoor seating on our terrace with views across the countryside and hills of Vejer.

We apologise but don’t take reservation at Califa Tapas

See you soon!

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