Califa Vejer receives the Medal of Vejer 2022

The week starts in the best possible way for the Califa staff. Califa Vejer has received the Medal of Vejer 2022. The award recognises and celebrates excellence in the tourism sector. The Califa Group was awarded by the council with the Medal of Vejer in the category of tourism promotion. We received the recognition in an event that took place in San Miguel theater. The company’s representative, Regli Álvarez, James Stuart y Ramón Fenoll, came to the stage to receive the award.


Imagen del comienzo del acto en el Teatro Municipal San Francisco.

In our 2oth anniversary year we’re delighted to have received this recognition!

At the ceremony, we watched a video about Califa’s history and staff.

Best moment arrived when Califa’s representative Regli Álvarez, James Stuart y Ramón Fenoll received the award by Vejer’s mayor Francisco Manuel Flor.

From left to right: Tourism councilor, José Ortiz, Caflifa’s financia director, Ramón Fenoll, Califa’s directors James Stuart and Regli Álvarez, and  Vejer’s mayor, Francisco Manuel Flor.

“Regli and I have the honour to begin the speech by saying thank you to all our staff for their hard work. There’s too many people to name but I want to give special thanks to Encarni Benítez, first company employee. She starts working at Discover Andalucia and then at the Califa. She always keeps a level head and has all under control. Thanks, I  appreciate your great work .

Encarni Benítez, administration manager, wearing Vejer’s Medal.

I want to thank Ana Durán, that started working with us since she was 18 years old. She has a great career with experience working abroad where she learnt business languages. As she is Califa’s hotel manager she plays an essential role in our company. Thank you so much, Ana.

Ana Durán, Califa’s hotels manager.

We also want to thank Ramón Fenoll, Califa’s financial director and human resource’s manager. He started at the company by 2003. Thanks you Ramón, it was a pleasure working with you.

caption id=”attachment_28350″ align=”aligncenter” width=”800″] Ramón in Califa’s wine cellar. Photo: José Aniés.[/caption]

Special thanks to Khadija Essaadi, El Jardín del Califa’s manager who start working with us since the restaurant opening in 2001.

Khadija, El Jardín del Califa’s manager.

We’re celebrating Califa’s 20 anniversary this year, two years later due to the pandemic. 22 years in Vejer. Fantastic!

Thanks to all our great employees, you’re an amazing team.

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It was more than 30 wonderful years living here. Such a lovely place!

At last I want to thank Vejer’s mayor Francisco Manuel Flor and Tourism councilor, José Ortiz”.

Congrats to all the winners: Avadis, Juan Molina Navarro and uan Begines Galindo.

All winners.

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