Colours and flavours to enjoy Summer at FEZ Vejer

FEZ is welcoming the new season with a special Summer menu! It’s been almost a year since FEZ Vejer opened. Manager and executive chef at El Jardín del Califa, Khadija Essaadi salid: “Huge thanks to our incredible clients for making our first year such a success”.

FEZ Vejer carta de verano
Part of the team during the opening.

At FEZ we offer a delightful journey through an original and healthy menu to appeal to all palates and age groups.

New menu featured fresh recipes such as Airan soup with yoghurt and cucumber or the andalusian and mango gazpachos.

FEZ Vejer verano sopa airan
Airan soup.

Flavorful and light is the Fez salad with tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, black olives and a touch of basil.

FEZ Vejer verano ensalada fez
Fez salad.

From the oven the menu featured exotic dishes like the lamb tagine with caramelised pineapple and apricot or the taska, filled pitta with spiced minced beef and emmental cheese.

FEZ Vejer verano taska de pan de pita

Clients will find El Jardín del Califa’s popular dishes featured across the new Summer menu such as the magluba of aubergines with minced beef, moroccan rice and a yoghurt sauce or the chicken and almond pastela Califa style served with a sauce.

FEZ Vejer verano magulla

The menu offer new dessert recipes such as the mouhalabie pudding with rosewater and pistachio.

Enjoy our colourful juices and smoothies and an original cocktail and softail menu.

FEZ Vejer verano limonada Sevilla
Seville lemonade.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, tea time or dinner, FEZ Vejer is perfect to enjoy life!

FEZ Vejer verano merienda
Café Royale.

FEZ offers a brunch and breakfast menu that takes its cues from Moorish Spain and North African cooking.

FEZ Vejer verano desayuno Chaouen
Chaouen breakfast.

The décor, the work of interior designer Ellie Cormié, immerses the client in a journey to Morocco with an air of nostalgia for the past.

FEZ Vejer verano interior del local
Gastronomy and interior design.

FEZ is located in Calle Juan Relinque 14 de Vejer.

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