Time flies so let’s make the most of it and what better place to do it than at one of the Califa establishments in Vejer? Now that we can travel again, it is vitally important that we do it safely and peacefully, as if you were in your own home. Our strict protocol of safety and hygiene measures has been implemented in all our establishments so that our customers, employees and suppliers can continue to enjoy all our services without worries.


Califa Vejer establishments are advised and certified by COVIAL (Control de Vinos y Alimentos, S.L.), which offers hygienic and sanitary advice for the food and hotel industry. COVIAL gives special relevance to training in hygienic and sanitary control, microbiology, self-control systems and catering. Since March 2020, COVIAL has been working with the Califa group offering exhaustive staff training and sanitary monitoring focused on COVID-19.


  • Constant cleaning and disinfection. Among other measures, the cleaning plan has been reinforced by adding sensitive passage areas and increasing the frequency of disinfection. In short, cleaning and disinfection is one of the aspects on which most emphasis is being placed.
  • Prior to opening: A thorough cleaning and disinfection has been carried out, with virucidal products authorized by the Health Department, both in the hotels and in the Califa Casas vacation homes, including transit areas, service areas and rooms.
  • Reception and common areas. Cleaning in common areas has been intensified. All objects and surfaces in transit areas such as stair handrails, door handles, doorbells, shared bathroom faucets, etc. are cleaned and disinfected at least every two hours.
  • All materials handed over to the guest – e.g. keys or documentation – are properly disinfected. Guests staying at Califa Vejer hotels can find hydroalcoholic gel for use in common areas, at all entrances to our establishments.
  • The cleaning protocols also include strict disinfection processes for reception work equipment, such as the POS, which are disinfected after use in the presence of the client.
  • Special cleaning of rooms. Between each check-in, the team performs a thorough cleaning, disinfecting all the surfaces of the room and then placing a cleaning certification card so that the guest knows that only he/she has entered his/her room. We give special importance to the bathrooms, especially in all areas of frequent use.
  • Our hotels and restaurants follow all security protocols to facilitate the social distance required when interacting with other people.
  •  The Califa’s labyrinth is always an adventure to discover new corners but to facilitate the movement of people within the rules of social distancing we have prepared a novel system of separate entrance and exits with a single way, one way only, to get to the restaurant from the Plaza de España.
  • These measures include, among other initiatives, the guarantee in the reception area of the proper separation between customer and staff with the placement of a glass partition. On the other hand, in our restaurants we follow the safety distance between tables, recommended by the Ministry of Health.
  • Online check-in and informative digitalization. You can say goodbye to queues! To minimize interaction and direct contact with surfaces in our hotels, we have enabled the option to check-in online with the consequent reduction of waiting time.
  • In all restaurants we have digitized the information, so you can consult the menu of our restaurants with QR codes.
  • Air and water purification protocols: All Califa Group facilities have had the Legionella issue implemented in A.C.F.H and A.C.S. for the last ten years, being a pioneer in implementing this control system with health. At the moment we have updated everything according to new regulations for the topic of COVID-19 carried out by qualified and titled personnel to carry out it, taking all the controls, changes and annotations in our books of seats and putting to the day all the facilities for the security of all our clients, to face the COVID-19. Our pools have all the certifications approved in April 2021 and the pool cleaning protocol has been reinforced according to the new safety and hygiene measures.
There are disinfectant gel dispensers in each pool and signs limiting the capacity. The use of sun loungers will be WITHOUT mats.
  • To ensure hygienic quality, the company follows the protocols indicated in its self-monitoring system in which the exceptional measures included in the legislation for the prevention of COVID – 19 have been included.
  •  Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available in separate locations for both employees and customers.
  • The cleaning and disinfection of all crockery, cutlery and glassware in the Jardín del Califa is guaranteed with our state-of-the-art cleaning machinery from Winterhalter.
  • We respect the separation between tables to ensure the safety distance between diners, the disinfection of surfaces, tables and chairs at each change of activity. In addition, the kitchen staff wears masks and gloves for greater protection.
  • Payment by card is established as a priority method of payment to minimize contact. The dataphone is disinfected after each use.
  • Tablecloths and napkins are single-use in some establishments and table linen is sanitized and washed at an optimum temperature of between 60º and 90º.
  • Kitchen staff wear masks and gloves for added protection and sanitize tables and chairs after each use as indicated in the regulations.
  • For the safety of our clients, we have eliminated our famous buffet breakfast and we have transformed it into a great a la carte breakfast with restaurant service.
  • Protocols and personal protection equipment. We have intensified safety and hygiene measures for our customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Customers have access to safety and disinfection elements such as disinfectant gels that will be available to them in restaurants and common areas.
  • Mandatory equipment for suppliers: all suppliers accessing the hotel will do so following the necessary safety measures.
  • Health and safety protocols for employees. All Califa Group employees have received specific training to apply safety protocols and practices adapted to health requirements.
  • All Califa Group employees have been trained to implement the various health and safety protocols and to properly use the personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by the company, following an occupational risk assessment in the COVID19 context. In addition, they are urged to maintain social distancing rules and invite clients and guests to do the same.