El Jardín del Califa’s new Autumn/Winter menu

The Autumn & Winter season arrives at the restaurant with new options seasoned with the exoticism and unmistakable flavour of Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, mixed with the best local ingredients.

Menu features new creams and soups such as the Besara, a classic autumn/winter cream soup from Morocco made with green beans spiced with cumin.

We continue with salads, made with fresh seasonal products. Here we found the Atlas salad, a warm salad of celery, raisins, almonds, honey and escarola lettuce.

Of course, restaurant classics like the Mezze.

Atlas Salad, one of the new features.
Mezze del Califa, one of favorite delicacies of the menu.
It’s aubergine season, a local product that is present in the Palmyra salad, made with aubergine, black garlic, greek yoghurt and chilli with fresh basil, dill and tarragon.For starters, the new menu includes nutty delicacies, another of the season’s star products, in the form of Breauts with labaneh and walnuts, crispy breuats triangles filled with labaneh cheese and walnuts served with a za’atar sauce.

For croquette lovers, the new menu features Kibbe Faraya, a lebanese classic of croquettes with labneh cheese, tomato and corainder with a hint of the ‘seven spices’ and cloves. New menu features Kuzu Tandir, succulent lamb off the bone with a black garlic sauce with, tomato, shallots and tahini.
Kuzu Tandir.

Chef suggestions

Another of the perfect recipes for autumn and one of the chef’s special November is the Chestnut Tagine.

Chestnut Tagine.

New handmade desserts

The crowning touch to the gastronomic experience at the restaurant El Jardín del Califa is the selection of desserts handmade by the pastry chef Amina Essaadi.

Restaurante Jardin Califa
Famous Califa’s Moroccan pastries.

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