Five fresh wines perfect for summer

Summer is an ideal time to enjoy good food and discover new wines. Ramón Fenoll, head of the Califa wine list, brings us five fresh and light wines ideal for pairing with the gastronomic proposals of the restaurant El Jardín del Califa. A refreshing pleasure to enjoy with the good temperatures that accompany us.

Ramón Fenoll, head of the Califa’s wine list

Sancha Pérez. It is a bodega that we are particularly fond of, because it is from the Vejer area. It is located next to the Arroyo Conilete. It has four varieties of wine: two reds and two whites, which are getting better every year. Here are two excellent choices. On the right a Petit Verdot, a grape from France, which is planted in the area of El Palmar, Vejer. Next to it we have a delicacy and a unique piece, a Pedro Ximenez with Palomino. From a poor grape, the Palomino, and a dry but rich grape, the Pedro Ximenez, a mixture of aromas is born whose saline environment of the estates, located next to the sea, gives it a special particularity. Don’t forget to try them!

Txacolí, a typical wine from the Basque Country. Txacolí originally comes from the zuri grape, a grape that was very difficult to grow. Nowadays Txacolís are coupages and come from young grapes. It is an acidic, refreshing wine, “with a touch of carbon dioxide which is ideal for summer and hot nights”, says Ramón, the head of Califa wines.

Pazo de Rubianes. It was one of the first historic wineries in the Albariño area, in the Ría de Arosa. The particularity of this wine is that it is born in a historic garden composed of more than 4500 camellias, a beautiful flower that is already an emblem of the winery. From there it takes all its floral aromas. 100% recommendable.

Ibargüen, from Bodegas Ibargüen, a red wine that comes directly from the Sierra de Cádiz. It consists of all the aromas and basic components that the sierra gives us. What’s so special about it? It is made with love, without industrial processes, which allows the maximum expression of the grapes that compose it, which is the Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grape.

Pedro Ximénez. We think it is a very sweet grape, but in reality it is a dry grape. If it is sweet, it is because there has been a raisining process in which the sugars are concentrated, but what if we tell you that the Pedro Ximénez grape is dry, with floral flavours, very aromatic and with incredible country nuances? We prove it with this wine, Dos Claveles, 100% Pedro Ximénez, from the area of Córdoba. A fresh wine for the summer, we recommend it to you!

Five fresh wines perfect to enjoy the good weather and the gastronomy of the restaurant El Jardín del Califa. Do you already know which one you are going to try?

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