Hammam Vejer is opening next June 20th

Unless the new Hammam is opening next June 20th, yesterday it was inaugurated symbolically.

The event was opened by Califa’s,CEO, James Stuart.

James Stuart, Califa’s CEO during his speech.

The Mayor of Vejer, Manuel Flor, Tourism councillor, Pepe Ortiz, Culture councillor, Nena Sánchez and Commerce councillor, Gema Mena; the territorial delegate of Tourism, María Jesús Herencia and the vice president of the Tourism Provincial Board of Cádiz, José María Román.

The Mayor of Vejer, Manuel Flor the territorial delegate of Tourism, María Jesús Herencia.

As “the Hammam is not only a tourist experience but also a cultural experience”, the president of Horeca, Antonio de María and the president of the association Diversitas, Antonio Verdú, also took part in the event.

A part of the assistants.

“With the opening of the hammam we want to give the opportunity to locals and foreigners to enjoy a temple of calm. A space that Regli and I want the people of Vejer to feel very proud of”.

Afterwards, the director of Califa Vejer, Regli Álvarez, inaugurated the Hammam by showering flowers.

Califa’s director, Regli Álvarez, inaugurated the Hammam by showering flower.

At the end, Hammam’s designer, Ellie Cormié, took a guided tour of the facilities to show the details of the interior design of the Hammam, her latest most important project.

Interior designer, Ellie Cormié, during the guided tour.

James thanked the team and finished his speech by saying “thanks to my partners in this project Regli Alvarez and Ramón Fenoll; the technical team Francis Guerra, Lola Montañes, Tere Morillo; the builder José Manuel Sánchez (and the workers Pedro, Carlos and Titi); Rafael Rodriguez, the water engineer; our neighbour Chris Patterson, the owner of Casa Shelly for his patience with the work, the craftsmen who have made this project unique and quite exclusive:

  • Youness Zakha in Marrakesh
  • Rafael Sánchez, jeweller, a great lover of Vejer, who has very cleverly put into practice the ideas of Ellie, the designer.
  • Manolo Revuelta, the carpenter who is getting better and better, tireless and brimming with ideas since he made the first handcrafted work for us in the Teteria del Califa.
  • Achraf Laabaqui, Califa’s painter.

Thanks to everyone that participated in our event yesterday. The countdown to the opening of the Hammam, next June 20th, begins now!

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See you soon!

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