Madreselva Hotel, in Los Caños de Meca, is one of the coolest Spanish beach hotels according to The Times

Sun, relax, and endless beaches where you can enjoy a good swim or take a leisurely stroll. Los Caños de Meca is a perfect destination to enjoy peace and unwind in a natural environment. Our Hotel Madreselva has been listed in the top beach hotels to stay in Spain by The Times.

Peaceful atmosphere in the beaches.

According to The Times: “Between dense pine forests and the wild Atlantic coastline, Hotel Madreselva is the very definition of an Andalusian holiday fantasy. Stylish but pretension-free, and surprisingly affordable, the 18 rooms of this hacienda-style hotel surround a verdant courtyard filled with palms. The magnificent white-sand beach at Caños de Meca stretches as far as the eye can see. Popular with surfers, hippies and sun chasers, most of the beaches in this part of Spain are so big and unspoilt they never get busy, even in peak season”.

The Parque Natural de la Breña and las Marismas de Barbate.

Each of the hotel rooms has a small private terrace where you can read, relax, or store your surf equipment. All of Madreselva’s eighteen rooms are equipped with bathrooms and air conditioning.

Suite Trafalgar.

The hotel additionally has a private swimming pool, pet friendly rooms and its own parking.

Pets are allowed in Madreselva Hotel.

The surroundings are equally ideal for hiking and relaxing in nature. The La Breña y Marismas del Río Barbate Natural Park is the smallest protected area in Andalusia and also one of the most beautiful. It covers an area of 5,077 hectares, 940 of which are marine areas. This large pine forest was declared a Natural Park in July 1989. Despite its size, it is a unique Natural Park because it concentrates three completely different ecosystems: marine, marshland, and terrestrial, the latter being subdivided into cliffs, dunes, and hills. Therefore, it has great environmental richness.

Eighty percent of the flora in this natural area is composed of pine trees, predominantly stone pines. In La Breña, you can see Aleppo pines, junipers, rosemary, rockroses, and eucalyptus trees. It is also the second most important juniper grove in Europe after Doñana.

Aerial view of Los Caños de Meca.

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