New flavours for a special season

Comedor La pergola | El jardín del Califa

The new Spring/Season menu of El Jardín del Califa brings us delicious seasonal delicacies with the exoticism and the unmistakable flavor of Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, mixed with the best local ingredients.

Jardin Califa
Romantic atmosphere at night.

New menu features cold soup recipes, light and refreshing, perfect for hot summer days. Clients can enjoy new proposals like Beetroot Gazpacho, Andalucían chilled soup with beetroot, tomato and cucumber served “with the arab touch of the crumbled Feta cheese”, says Khadija Essaadi, restaurant’s executive chef and manager.

Clients will discover the finest flavours of Andalucia and the ocean thanks to the fresh tuna cous cous, certified ‘almadraba’ tuna from Barbate with pumpkin and chickpeas, an unique recipe only available at El Jardín del Califa restaurant.

Tuna cous cous.

The seasonal menu features new fish specialities like the sea bass kebab on the barbecue with Ras-al-Hanout spices.

The barbecue.

El Jardín del Califa’s current menu offers new tagines like Milojia, sn egyptian speciality of stewed lamb served with Okra, delicately spiced with a hint of ginger, black pepper and saffron or Oasis, retinto beef tagine with pineapple and apricots.

Restaurante Jardin Califa
Milojia Tagine.

The specialities of the chef features exotic proposals like the Kurat lahm alsardin, sardine meatballs in a tomato sauce with mussels or the Chicken Sufa, lightly spiced chicken with morroccan sufa noodles, raisins and almonds.

El Jardín del Califa keeps classic dishes on the menu such as pastela, magluba, the Califa mezze – ideal for sharing – Aleppo, barbecued meats and other rich recipes from the Middle East.

The menu keeps classic dishes like pastela, magluba, the Califa mezze – ideal for sharing – Aleppo, barbecued meats and other delicacies from the Middle East and North Africa.

Seafood pastela.

In addition restaurant will launch surprises to reward customers loyalty. Stay tuned to our social channels for more information!

The menu includes new home made desserts such as the Mouhalabie Alkarifa, “with rose marmalade, made exclusively for the restaurant”.

El Jardín del Califa, Moroccan and Middle Eastern fine dining

Set in an emblematic 16th century building, the restaurant has different areas like the Aljibe, the Temple, the Pergola and the garden.

Comedor El Templo | El Jardín del Califa
El templo.

At the Califa Group our philosophy is to use the freshest local ingredients and, as far as possible, to use organic ones. Furthermore, in our restaurant El Jardín del Califa we only use free-range eggs and organic meat (our beef is of the local breed, the Retinto). Similarly, 95% of the vegetables we use are from nearby gardens (from the province) and at least 60% (depending on the season) are organic.

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