Poetic action to fight climate crisis

Our planet is our home and at El Califa we strive to keep the environmental impact of our activity as low as possible. We also maintain a sustainable philosophy in our day-to-day business. We also like to support ‘green’ initiatives that seek to improve the environment. Today we want to be the loudspeaker of a ‘poetic action’ that Extinction Rebellion La Janda and La Janda for Climate will launch in the framework of the Climate Change Summit.

World leaders are gathering in Glasgow today for a summit at the start of the crunch UN COP26 climate conference. Today, the associations Extinction Rebellion La Janda and La Janda por el Clima, have organised the following poetic, symbolic and activist action: During all the days of the COP26, from 8am until the sun goes down, there will be a ‘red rebel’ in the Plaza de España, facing the Town Hall of Vejer.

Image of one of the poetic actions carried out by Extinction Rebellion La Janda and La Janda por el Clima.

“This mute representative of the nature of our region (this symbolic drop of blood that speaks of the pain felt by all beings) will be looking at the headquarters of our administration, sometimes with anger, sometimes with sadness… But always waiting for action”, explains Joanna Crowson, activist and promoter of the group Extinction Rebellion in La Janda.

A banner will speak of the fears of the red rebels “in the face of the lack of action by the administrations in the face of all that science and our own experience is underlining”.

This action will finish on the 12th at 12 noon with a protest in the Plaza de España. “We invite citizens to reflect on the looming danger and to defend nature, knowing that we are nature defending itself. It is high time”.

The aim, says Joanna, is “to draw attention to the truth: the planet is warming, humans are the cause, and there is no longer any doubt about it. Things look very bad and it’s not going to be possible to fix the situation completely. But if we act now, we can limit the damage and repair some damage to some extent. This is the context of the danger that Vejer and all the natural areas of La Janda are in. And this is the responsibility of our administration. Climate change is a reality that is already here and it will not be fixed by recycling.

Extinction Rebellion La Janda and La Janda por el Clima

Extinction Rebellion is a decentralised, international and politically non-partisan movement using non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to persuade governments to act justly on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

La Janda por el Clima is a group of collectives and individuals from the region of La Janda, who are fighting “against the serious climatic and ecological emergency we are experiencing. “We are nature defending itself”, they say.

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