The Made in Tarifa Foundation will release a solidarity documentary this Saturday in collaboration with El Califa

This Saturday, May 4th, at 8:00 p.m. at the Alameda Theater in Tarifa, ‘Mi primera letra’ (My First Letter), a documentary by the Made in Tarifa Foundation, will be released.

Directed by Xavi Drago, the documentary tells the inspiring story of the foundation and the construction of its second school in the Indian desert, intended for the untouchable caste, children excluded and marginalized by their country, condemned to a life without rights, without healthcare, without education

One of the main characters of the documentary is our Human Resources Director, Ramón Fenoll. Last year, for his holidays, he decided, along with his daughter Lucía, to undertake a solidarity trip through the Happy Inside project of the Made in Tarifa Foundation.

The ‘untouchable’ children in India are members of the lowest and most marginalized caste in the Hindu caste system. Historically, they have been considered impure or ‘untouchable’ according to the religious and social beliefs deeply rooted in Indian society.

“Visiting a completely different culture is enriching. You appreciate much more what you have. And you see how with practically nothing, one can still live and be happy,” says Fenoll.

Moreover, the documentary is sponsored by El Califa, as part of our commitment to solidarity and cultural projects.

Ramón Fenoll and his daughter Lucía.
Lucía has just received a gift as a token of brotherhood.
The mural of the school under construction.

Since its inception in 2017, under the direction of its founder and Tarifa businesswoman, Virginia Toledo, the Made in Tarifa Foundation has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to education and equal opportunities.

About the Made in Tarifa Foundation:

The Made in Tarifa Foundation is a non-profit association that operates primarily in India, standing out for its commitment to social and educational development projects in this country and other international contexts. Its work focuses on providing educational opportunities and improving the living conditions of disadvantaged communities, with a special focus on children and youth.

Virginia Toledo, founder of Made in Tarifa.

In addition, the organization carries out a unique outreach work through its Happy Inside project and solidarity trips. They offer people without language skills or formal education the opportunity to visit India and access aid and solidarity programs.

These trips not only allow participants to immerse themselves in the reality of the communities they serve but also promote significant cultural exchange and a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by local populations. More information can be found on the website.


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