We love sharing your wedding & proposal stories

At the Califa we work to see you smile. And nothing makes us happier than seeing you happy. Your unforgettable moments. Your dates. Your emotions.

But if there is something that makes us especially excited, it is to be witness of your marriage proposal in the Califa. Whether in such romantic corners as the Aljibe of the restaurant El Jardín del Califa, or in any other space or establishment. 

Today we want to share the story of Laura, who sends us this photo of the day her boyfriend, Guillermo, asked her to marry him on one of the terraces of La Tetería del Califa, with the backdrop of our beautiful village whose panoramic views have inspired this promise of eternal love.

“Well just a month ago today, it was the afternoon of Saturday July 3, the day before we had dinner at the restaurant but we could not go up to the terrace, so on Saturday we went before dinner to have a drink and see the beautiful views, when we were leaving, when we went down, I looked out onto the balcony and there my boy asked me to marry him, it was beautiful and very exciting, how not in the most beautiful town in the world.”  

Laura and Guillermo.

Another of our exciting stories features Isabel, whose dream was to leave the Hotel La Casa del Califa on her wedding day.

“I have been going to your hotel a couple of times every year for 9 years. My relationship with the Califa was like love at first sight, I fell in love with it and I have not stopped going. It is so special for me that when I got married I stayed a few days with my family and of course I went there dressed as a bride, I had always dreamed of that and we could make it come true. Besides sharing that special day, whenever we need to disconnect we always go there for a couple of days to recharge batteries and I always say the same thing to my friends: that smell …. is like going back to my grandmother’s house, for me a very special place that gives me peace and tranquility. I leave here some pictures of that special day and as an anecdote tell you that when I went out dressed as a bride there was a trip of Chinese who did not stop taking pictures of me, precisely in the photo that I go out with the fan I was laughing for that very reason. 20 Chinese people taking pictures of me”.  

Isabel at La Casa del Califa Hotel on her wedding day

And you, do you want to share with us your best moments at the Califa? You can send it by private message through our social channels @califavejer or by email to desi@vejer.com

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